Your needs – My offer

You are:

  • An English-speaking company undertaking business with French-speaking countries,
  • A French-speaking company importing or selling products which are sold with documents written only in English,
  • A publisher wishing to distribute English-written books or reference material amongst French-speaking readers.


Therefore you need to have translated into French:

  • Technical or commercial documents for your dealers,
  • Workshop manuals for your after-sales department,
  • Internal newspapers published by your English-speaking headquarters, to be distributed to your French-speaking teams,
  • Brochures, instructions for use or arguments targeted to your clients,
  • Publications available to the public or to specialists,
  • Letters to be sent to the authorities of French-speaking countries to which you undertake business,
  • Texts introducing your company, such as texts for your website.


Whatever the document to be published in French, it will be your showcase for the French-speaking public.

This is why you must demand premium quality translations which have to be faultless in both precise meaning and linguistic quality.

Your company requires translations that are worthy of its offer!


I am the translator you need.

I translate documents from English into French -in this direction only: indeed, a translator can undertake quality translations only if he writes in his mother tongue.

All translations are solely undertaken by myself, without any subcontracting or use of computer aided translation systems. I am the only point of contact to my clients, which allows me to guarantee my clientele a perfect consistency between the different parts of their text or between their different texts.

My preferred fields are mechanical engineering industry as a whole, amongst which automotive industry (the vehicle itself and the associated industry and trade), as well as scientific and technical literature.

These fields are indeed the ones in which my career as a senior engineer has provided me with a unique advantage for comprehending texts before starting to translate them, due to my in-depth knowledge of their scientific and technical background.

My expertise allows me to guarantee  you faultless quality translations, for both accurate meaning and wording in French.

The above mentioned fields are connected to my past activity as a senior engineer. In addition to these, I am able to also translate more literary texts.


My activity is governed by three guidelines:

  • Quality requirement for the delivered translation: correctness of content, clarity of formulation and relevance of the selected words,
  • Respect of agreed deadlines,
  • Absolute confidentiality on received and delivered texts.